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TV Shows

Geronimo Stilton - Saison 3

The famous mouse returns for a third season and 26 episodes of 24 minutes, co-produced by Superprod (Paris) and Atlantica. Under the direction of composer / supervisor Valmont, I had the chance to work on 11 episodes. Between adventure and suspense, the music is "colorful"! This series is broadcast in more than 50 countries.

Last news : Watch the Geronimo Stilton and friends TV series on Netflix!

Mick le Mini-Chef


Mick is a genius straight out of an old cookbook offered by the grandmother of Leo and Mathilde, his grandchildren. Accompanied by Spoonita the magic spoon, our little chef will teach children new and original recipes to impress adults, through this culinary comedy for 6/8 years.

Music : Yves Gourmeur & Rémi Le Pennec

Produced by Redfrog Studio

Directed by Eric Berthier & Luccio di Rosa.

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